What is Samashray ???

।। शतहस्त समाहर सहस्रहस्त संकिर ।।

Earn with hundred hands and donate with thousand hands.

Samashray is a Sanskrit term referring to “providing help and support”. The word is used throughout Dharmaśāstra literature such as the Manusmṛti. 

Samashray Foundation is a voluntary social service organization for social action and economic development in an integrated way.

The organization was established by a group of committed volunteers from Teachers, Doctors, Social workers, Statistician, for providing assistance and support towards betterment of the poor people, who are deprived, exploited and lead to their life in deplorable condition.

Our initiatives

आक्रीड् परिणमन

To provide sports platform to financially weaker section and kids of martyr, equipment, training, tournaments etc from our nutrition bank and health accessories bank.

ज्ञान परिणमन

To provide Books from our Book Bank and stationary to kids who can’t afford them. We also organize Olympiad under this project.

Shakti Suraksha

To provide young school girl’s female health education and self defense. We provide free sanitary pads from our Health Accessories Bank.



Samashray Foundation’s mission is to transform the power of our imaginations and our ideas into change that makes our world a greener and healthier place for all.

Our Statistics

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Students trained in Good & bad touch
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Students sponsored for sports
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Girls trained for mensuration hygiene
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Sanitary pads distribution
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Tree plantation
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Students trained in self defence

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