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  1. To provide the primary education through play method in early learning center.
  2. To provide the supplementary nutritional support to the children from the age group 2 years to 18 years.
  3. To mainstream the children to different formal school.
  4. To provide the educational support to the children so that they could complete the education.
  5. To protect children from the child labour.
  6. To aware the community about the child rights and child protection.
  7. To improve access to existing Government resources by network building and advocacy.

Samashray Foundation working on strengthening the educational systems in India, to provide increased quality educational opportunities to students of all ages and class. We want to make sure that the entire educational community (parents, teachers, schools and local government) succeeds and is strong and self sufficient.

Education is the key to personal development and creates a positive feedback loop that benefits the whole community for years to come. By helping Samashray Foundation gain access to education today, you can be a part of creating the generational change needed to help our communities raise themselves out of poverty in the future. By supporting our programs you not only provide essential support to students with a scholarship, but also help them to have the tools necessary to develop both personally and professionally. This means that with your support, they’ll be prepared to be the future leaders their communities need.

Your donation to The Samashray Foundation serves our mission of complementing and strengthening the educational systems. The flexibility of the fund will allow us to directly support children of all ages to succeed in their education.