Shakti Suraksha Seminar 2

A seminar on the occasion of International Menstrual Hygiene Day was organized today at New Light Public School, Ashok Vihar, by the Samashray Foundation.
In the seminar, Dr. Kanika Wadhwa ji apprised the girl students about important information related to good health and hygiene. In which she kept the nutritional and emotional aspects related to Menstrual and General Hygiene and cleared the confusion of the students by answering the myth questions related to it. Simultaneously, Miss. Ketki ji made the girl students aware by distributing sanitary pads.
On behalf of the school, Hon’ble Principal Mrs. Vimal Malik expressed her gratitude to all, and asked to take special care of education on healthy related subjects of all the students in the school.
Rajat Bhardwaj, chairman of Samashray Foundation, thanked the entire team of Samashray Foundation and staff of New Light Public School.
Thank you
Samashray Foundation

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