Shakti Suraksha Seminar 3

Samashray Foundation, which is working under the awareness campaign against the myths related to menstruation of women spread in the society, is setting an example today. Samashray Sansthan is providing knowledge as well as other facilities to the needy women on the day of World Menstrual Hygiene Day. The Shakti Suraksha project was started by the organization, which is being led by Ketki Kataria, and under his leadership this project seems to be taking a successful form today.
Samashray Foundation has so far given free training and seminars to more than 1000 girl students on sensitive topics like Menstrual Hygiene and Good Touch Bad Touch along with distribution of sanitary pads to more than 2000 needy women, during which they advised not to use cloth and advised to take help from the Health Accessories Bank of the Samashray Foundation whenever needed.
The chairman of Samashray Foundation, Rajat Bhardwaj, while thanking all the great people who together helped the institution financially, said that the mentality of charity has been a part of our Indian culture and tradition.

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